Thank you for choosing me to be your childís tutor!

I take my position to help them very seriously. It will be an exciting journey for your child and for me, watching them learn and grow. 

Your childís success and confidence is the top priority and focus of why I am here and how I want to be of service. Offering you the best ďa la carteĒ services helps you continue to create the educational opportunities and philosophies important to you and your child, while supporting the educational experience that is best for your family.

Sincerely, Diana Orseske

A Little About Me

I am a kindergarten teacher by day holding a  Bachelorís and Masterís degree in Elementary Education from Eastern Illinois University. I also hold a reading specialist certification from Lewis University.

I was motivated to begin working with dyslexic children when my niece and friendís son were diagnosed with dyslexia. I started to research different dyslexia programs as a way to help these children. I currently use different dyslexia programs to help, finding the particular program that is the most beneficial for each student. I tutor elementary through high school students with struggle with dyslexia.

I am working towards my certification in Take Flight, which is a  Comprehensive Intervention program for Students with Dyslexia.  I also use Handwriting Without Tears, and Dyscalculia for math tutoring. 

I had owned and operated my own home day care for several years before becoming a kindergarten teacher in Bolingbrook, Illinois in 2006.  I live with my husband in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, where we have cats, chickens, and goats.

Finish Line Tutoring provides private tutoring services in a 1:1 setting using the Take Flight tutoring program, as well as quality literacy resources with a specialized focus on reading intervention. You will find an extensive inventory of resources to support the Take Flight approach.

Finish Line strives to provide tips and strategies to help struggling readers become successful readers, and spread dyslexia awareness to educators and families.

What Others Say

Miss Diana has been working with my son for almost a year. He has autism and dyslexia. He is home schooled due to anxiety. No one is able to get my child to work enthusiastically like she is. He is able to attend her whole session and she is very knowledgeable.

He continues to grow and develop his reading skills because of Diana. She has helped my son more than anyone else has. I highly recommend using her kind and knowledge expertise on dyslexia. She is amazing!

Ashleigh N.

I am more than happy to write a letter of recommendation for Diana Orseske. Diana tutored my son over the summer and a couple of months during the school year. He was struggling with reading and writing. When I found her tutoring ad, I was extremely happy as her experience listed everything I was looking for to help my son with my concerns. 

My son was not happy to go at first as it was taking time out of his summer vacation. But after the first session he was happy to go as Diana made the tutoring fun. He enjoyed it so much that on days that the schedule changed he asked why werenít going to tutoring. After meeting with Diana twice a week in the summer and once a week when school started my son showed much improvement and gained a mountain of self-confidence. 

His test scores reflected the great work Diana did with him as he is now at grade level in reading and writing. Diana was a pleasure to work with and will use her services again this summer. If you are looking for someone to help your son/daughter improve their reading/writing and gain confidence Diana is your person.

Marisol M.

We met Mrs. Orseske when my daughter was placed in her class at the end of kindergarten following a very disappointing year at a private school. For the first time since my daughterís diagnoses of ADHD and severe learning disabilities, she began to make progress at school. 

When my daughter reached the 4th and 5th grades, Mrs. Orseske began tutoring her in reading-even continuing over the summer. She was so flexible and generous with her time and before long, the results of her hard word was evident. Mrs. Orseskeís dedication to staying on top of the latest teaching methodologies, in an effort to reach every student, is matched only by her kind and open heart. We are so grateful for all she has done to help our daughter.

Melissa W.

I worked together with Diana Orseske for years as she taught. She is very professional and cares about the students she works with each day. She has advanced training and expertise in the field of reading.
That is why I didnít hesitate to hire her to tutor my son. He has a learning disability in reading and benefits from one to one support. Since working with Diana, his confidence has grown as his reading skills have progressed. Our family really values Diana's weekly visits. While school is currently out, we plan to do virtual tutoring.

Amber F.