My Services & Policies

What is Take Flight?

Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia is a comprehensive Orton-Gillingham based intervention. Take Flight was developed by the staff of the Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia and Learning Disorders at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, Texas. Diana had to fulfill 200 hours of course work related to Take Flight and to complete over 700 hours of reading therapy with students

What does a Take Flight lesson include?

A Take Flight lesson includes ten different activities, each targeting sub-skills necessary for rapid decoding of words, which leads to comprehension. The following are addressed in each lesson:

1. Alphabet

2. Phonemic Awareness

3. Phonics

4. Vocabulary

5. Fluency

6. Spelling

7. Handwriting

8. Comprehension

Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears is a multisensory curriculum. It uses different materials to teach letter formation, literacy skills, and letter formation in both print and cursive handwriting. These fun and engaging activities will help your child master handwriting as a skill that is automatic.


What will happen when my child comes to tutoring?

Each session will have a skill/strategy where we will practice that skill using a multisensory approach. I will set an objective for the session, and create specialized practice to meet that objective. Your child will have support materials that will grow over time as they attend more sessions. It will serve as a reference to them and me. Sessions will be fun, engaging and just the right amount of challenge.

Do I need to stay with my child?

Most families drop their children off. You may bring your child to my office and then wait in the lobby. Then, I will walk them back to the lobby when we finish. If you are running late, please text. Please know that my schedule usually runs back to back with students, so your promptness is greatly appreciated.

How will you fill me in about my child’s progress?

I will debrief for a few minutes after every session. We’ll discuss what went well, things to continue working on and plans for next time. I will create more formal reports when your child finishes a level.

Session Length

Tutoring sessions usually run about 50 minutes in length. This gives me time to follow the format of the Take Flight lesson plan, additional time for me to spend reading with your child and then a few minutes for us to chat.


I usually send home a short reading passage for you to read with your child or they can read it to you.

What is the payment policy?

You have three choices. Payments are due either 1.The first of the month, 2. Weekly or 3. At the end of each session. You may me pay with cash or check. Credit card payment options are also available if needed. We will discuss how you will pay before beginning.


Please try your best to give me at least 24 hours notice. I know this isn’t always possible if a child gets sick during the school day. Three cancellations that did not provide me with 24 hours notice will result in a full payment due for the last session you missed.

Inclement Weather

I typically follow local school closings. If school is cancelled but the roads improve later in the day, we may still meet. The decision will be made the day of your session via text.

One Last Reminder

Make sure your child brings their binder to every session. They will be adding to it. Also, please provide time for them to have a snack and a drink, or even dinner, and use the bathroom prior to our session, depending on how late we meet. This will ensure a much more productive session for your child.